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With new technology, it’s harder to break the rules. If you break any traffic laws, cameras will see you and send a challan to your house. If you do not pay the challan, police will come to your home. In this article, we will tell you about challans and how to get your challan status. If you would like to submit a challan, it is important that you know the procedure. You will also need to know how to check your challan status.

E-Challan Payment

Before we talk about the e- challan status, what is that? The challan is a payment that people need to make if they break any traffic rules. You can pay for it in certain places or you can use E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transportation Enforcement Solution from India’s government.

What Is E-Challan?

e-Challan is a system that can be used to track violations of transport laws. It is an Android-based application and web interface. The e-challan provides a thorough answer for officers who deal with traffic law violations. It incorporates features such as Vahan and Sarathi applications, which are tools that are useful for the enforcement of transport law. This will not only save paper costs but also give a wider scope to the process.

Key Points Of E Challan Status

Article about E Challan Status
Name of the portal E-Challan – Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution
Launched by Government of India
Launched for Citizens of the country
Official website echallan.parivahan.gov.in

Objective Of E-challan

The Government of India wants to make the payment process for challans easier. So far, people who had to pay a challan had to go to the office and wait outside until they were called in. The E-challan method will start soon which will make this process much easier for those paying the challans.

Procedure to Check E- Challan Status

Procedure to Check E- Challan Status

First Step

Applicants have to follow the further stated steps to check the e-challan status:

  • If you want to find out if you are a registered e-challan applicant, go to the official website of E-Challan.
  • From the home page of the website, you need to click on the “check challan status” option from the menu bar.

Procedure to Check E- Challan Status

  • A new page will show up on the screen. You need to choose “Challan Number,” “vehicle Number,” or “DL Number.”
  • Fill out the form. Type in the code that shows on the screen and then click “submit.”

Procedure to Check E- Challan Status

  • Click the “get details” option and information about your challan will appear on the screen.

Second Step

  • Now after that click on the Pay Now option.
  • After that Choose your desired option to pay your challan fine.
  • Now after the successful payment generate the Challan Receipt online.

E- Challan Payment Mode

E- Challan Payment Mode

Applicants can pay challan online or offline. These are the steps you need to follow to deposit challan:

Online Method

There are two ways to pay traffic tickets online. First, you can go to the website of the police department. Second, you can go to an online payment module and make a payment that way.

Method I

  • To pay challan you need to go to the official website of the traffic police of your state
  • Go to the e-challan option under the services section
  • Now click on it and a new page will appear on the screen
  • Enter the vehicle number or challan number (Notice you received)
  • Now click search detail option and your challan-related information will appear.
  • Click pay option and make payment via debit or credit card

Method II

  • Open your Paytm mobile application or website of Paytm
  • Thereafter you need to click more option

  • Then go to the other services section
  • Select the “challan” option
  • Select the traffic authority name
  • Enter challan number
  • Click “proceed” and make payment of challan.

Offline Method

You need to go to the police station. When you get there, give them money in order to pay the challan fee.

Core Benefits Of E-Challan

Some core benefits of the e-challan procedure are given below in the following list:-

  • The goal of the discovery is to create a framework that will make it easier for people in every state to share information and this will lead to better traffic management.
  • The framework is designed to give a simple answer for the present difficulties in the vehicle divisions. These include issuing traffic tickets, doing back-end tasks, following offense history, and so on.
  • The framework connects all the partners with a typical framework that guarantees information uprightness, dependability, and straightforwardness.
  • When you robotize the procedure, it will be productive at each degree of clients.
  • If you digitize and document the records, then this will help with making payments on time so that there is less chance of being caught.
  • It will also make it easier for people to make payments or follow-ups after they get a challan.
  • The police are trying to get fewer accidents and make roads safe.
  • They will give you a report about the safety of the road so that you know how to make decisions.
  • The police will take down your information when they see you on the street and stop people from driving without paying their fine.
  • This is all done online so that it will be easier for everyone.
  • Court removal will show up on the resident page. It will save time for residents and the office.
  • If there is a problem with any vehicle or permit, RTO will not allow that if there is a pending challan.
  • The person who made the mistake can be punished in all states where a challan was made.
  • This should stop people from making mistakes and it should also stop money from being lost in the States because of someone else’s fault.

Procedure To Check Pending Transaction Details

Procedure To Check Pending Transaction Details

  • Now you page will be displayed before you where you have to enter either your challan number or vehicle number
  • Now you have to click on get details
  • Pending transaction details will be on your computer screen

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill, 2019 Penalty Changes

Type of Offence Amount of Penalty (INR)
General Offence 1st time 500 & 2nd time 1500
Driving without Licence 5000 Rs
Driving illegal automobile without Licence 5000 Rs
Over Speeding of Vehicle For LMV: 1000 to 2000
Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle: 2000 to 4000 For the 2nd time, confiscation of driving license will happen
Rash Driving of Vehicles 1st Time: Police Custody for 6 months to 1 year and/ or penalty of 1000 to 5000 2nd Time: Police Custody for 6 months to 1 year and or penalty of 1000 to 5000
Driving under Intoxication 1st Time: Police Custody up to 6 months and ot penalty of 10,000 2nd Time: Imprisonment till up to 2 years and or penalty of 15,000
Driving without Insurance 1st Time: Police Custody up to 3 months and or penalty of 2000 2nd Time: Imprisonment till up to 3 months or and penalty of 2000
Seat Belt Violation 1000
Helmet Wearing Violation 1000
Not giving way to Emergency Vehicle Imprisonment for 6 months and or penalty of 10,000
Accidental Related Penalties 1st Time: Imprisonment till up to 6 months and or penalty of 5000 2nd Time: Imprisonment till up to 1 yer or penalty of INR 10,000

E-challan Enablers

The following are the notification for challans from the government.

  • The government is trying to make changes in the way we do things. The government imagined a new system where people would be able to get authorization for their cars with just an eChallan. This new system is much better and easier than it was before. You will just need to show your license, and then you will only have to pay on a machine, not by hand like before.
  • NIC helped all the staff of the Transport Enforcement/Traffic Police Division. They did this by giving them some training. And they gave them some help with whatever they needed at each step of the process.
  • The state-wise customization of the eChallan application is easy to use. In each state, there are customizations and extra upgrades that are dealt with. For example, in some states, they have to meet specific acts/rules/forms/positions/conventions.

Value Indicators

The digital challan giving and receiving procedure is very good. Some of the things that are important to this process are given below:

  • The eChallan framework has changed and upgraded over time.
  • It’s also getting more powerful with new features that are very useful.
  • Payment by installments is easy. You can pay online or you can do it at a store or through the computer.
  • You need to sign in to the payment in order for it to work.
  • The framework will give help in Hindi and English. This help will start now.
  • Without any more talk, the program will also give language customization according to what is needed by the customer.

What happens if you don’t pay the traffic e challan?

If you don’t pay the traffic challan, then there are legal consequences. The court can summon you and ask for an explanation about not following traffic rules. If you don’t go to court after being summoned and pay the challan, your driving license may be suspended. So always remember to pay your E-Challan.

Received a wrong e-challan

If you break traffic rules, the police will take a picture of your car. Technology can’t read the number sometimes and they send a message to pay challan. If you get a message to pay challan and didn’t break any rules, follow these steps:

Step 1: Call the customer care no. on the challan slip or in case it is not there then call up your nearest RTO office.

Step 2: Show them both your license and registration

If you get a message to pay a challan but you are not the person who should have received it, then you can contact the traffic police and tell them. They will cancel your challan for free if they think it was wrong. If you want to complain about a challan that was given to someone else, then make sure to use this format:

Type of challenge: Challan issued incorrectly.
Details of complaint: Name of the person who received the challan, name of the person who should have received it date and time (include the time zone) when incorrect challan was given

Fake Site of E Challan

There are fake websites that look exactly like the official website for e challan. The fake sites are very confusing. They have a URL that is similar to the official website, but it is not the same. You should only make payments on the real e challan site and not on other sites. If you find a site like this, please report it to us by filing an FIR (First Information Report).